Monday, April 13, 2015

Pregnancy Skin Care Routine!

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No makeup! Red Skin!
I thought I would share with you my pregnancy skin care routine. Now I dont have the perfect skin what's so ever. Trust me, I wish i did. I have been dealing with acne and acne scaring for years. I guess you could say the acne has gone away but I am dealing with acne scaring which is a pain! The type of scaring I have is not typical scars. They are not indented into my skin. What I deal with is RED MARKS! I think what is most frustrating is that when my skin as all clear of acne and is really smooth it does not look like it. Most of the RED MARKS are on my checks. They are slowly but surly going away FINALLY!

Back in high school I did not know anything about skin care. I would leave my makeup on ALL THE TIME, I didn't really know about facial mask or exfoliates. I basically bought Clean & Clear from Wal Mart and called it a day! Now in high school my skin was not to bad. I have seen worse. I would get a pimple here and there. What made my skin bad was after the pimple was gone i would be left with a RED acne scar. I will just say, my face is my biggest insecurity because of my acne scaring. As i got older i realized the importance of taking off your makeup and cleansing your face. Things didn't change much to be honest. I remember i HATED sleeping over at friends house because i was so insecure about how i looked! I remember when I got pregnant with our daughter i wanted to wear makeup during delivery because of how i looked! I gave birth at 20. 

I Came across a video on youtube of a girl who was dealing with the same thing i was. She was using the " Purity facial cleanser and Microdelivery Exfoliate" From Ulta. Now if you guys know me i am not one to spend a lot of money on facical cleanser but one day i sat down and said to myself " I am going to be 22 years old with 2 kids, i need to stop being so insecure about my face and do something about it." So i went online and order them! Let me just say, my skin has never felt better! I even got Gage into loving them! Lets Start with my routine!

  • The first thing I do even though i have the purity facial cleanser which acts as a makeup remover i will still use these "Night relaxing all in one wipes"! I mostly use these to take eye makeup off! I like to make sure everything is gone! Plus this is the only makeup remover my skin can handle! I have sensitive skin and even though this has a fragrance to it, it oddly enough doesn't irritate it! 
  • Next, I take the "Purity Facial cleanser" add a little bit of water to my hand and rub that all over my face. Now, when i first used this i thought my whole face had to be wet but in order for it to remove the makeup you only mix it with a little bit of water on your hand! This facial cleanser does have a scent but it does not irritate my skin at all! Once I rinse that off I wont dry my face, i will leave the left over water and use the Micro delivery Exfoliate. This is gentle enough to use every day. I DO! You rub this into your skin for 30 seconds and rinse off with luke warm water. I love the feeling my skin had after using these 2 products alone!
  • The whitening mask i do not use every night. I use it 2-3 times a week. I try to use it Sunday, Tuesdays and Thursdays and give my skin a break all weekend! I saw this when i was shopping online at ulta and read reveiws on how it is suppose to help with acne red scaring! I thought i would just try it out! So far i have noticed a slight diffrence in my skin. Not a huge change but a little! I basically put this only on the areas that need it most. 
  • I then will always use a moisturizer. If i use the whitening mask then i wont use a moisturizer but on the nights i don't i will. I am just weird like that. I use the "Ponds Dark spot correcting Cream" anything to help with the spots right! =) I actually bought this right before my honeymoon in septemeber and this little travel size jar is finally almost gone! Thats 8 months! I wouldn't say this has helped the dark spots but i dont use it on a daily basis like i should.  

That is basically my pregnancy skin care routine! Like i said i have noticed a huge diffrence in my skin ever since i have started this routine! If you have problem skin like i do, i would recommend to spend the extra money. 

I will leave a link down below to our youtube page where i also show you step by step!!

These products came from Ulta & Target!