Friday, March 20, 2015


Hey guys!

I had a couple people come to me and ask me...

  • Why do you buy second hand? 
  • That's so gross, other people have worn those.
  • Why not just buy brand new?
  • You cant afford new clothes?

After hearing some of these ridiculous questions, I decided to explain WHY I buy second hand kids clothes.
The main reason I buy second hand clothes is because THEY ARE CHEAP! Does that make me poor? Does that mean I cant afford new or nice things? NO!

I'm going to be 100% honest. When I was pregnant with Myah I was the same way. I wanted everything new. I did not want "hand-me-downs" or "Second Hand" clothes. I took the clothes that were offered to me of course but I didn't let people know that it was "Second Hand". 
When Myah was born at 9lbs 4 oz my mind started to change a bit on buying second hand items! Gage and I had spent a lot of money on brand new Newborn clothes. Well, guess what. Myah barley got to wear them because she was such a chunky baby! 
I had then wished we had only spent maybe a couple dollars on newborn clothes instead of $15-20 on just 2 little onsies! 

That brings me into the whole, "That's so gross, other people have worn those clothes" Infants, Toddlers & Kids do not wear their clothes as much as we adults do. Kids, toddlers, infants all grow so fast. They are in new sizes every couple of months.
We actually donated some of Myah Newborn Onsies since she did not fit into them. They were like new but they are still considered "Second Hand" because you are not buying it from "Target" or some other big departments store. 
People think that if you buy from "Once Upon A Child" "GoodWill" or any other second hand store that all the clothes are dirty and gross. When in reality the child probably only wore the clothes 3-4 times! When buying second hand you always wanna make sure it is still good quality. Sometimes you can even find items that still have tags on them!

The reason why I wont buy everything brand new is because Myah and now Noah will grow out of the clothes so fast. I do splurge and get them really nice outfits here and there but a majority of their clothes are "Second Hand" and you know what. IM OKAY WITH THAT! 

If you wanna judge me or my family because I buy my kids "second hand" then go for it. In the end I am saving my family a ton of money on kids clothes that are going to get ruined, never get worn or worn once!

I recently went to ONCE UPON A CHILD and found some amazing deals on clothes for the summer that are still in excellent condition!
 From left to right. I got 2 pairs of shorts(Target&Carters brand) for only $3.50 each! Both amazing condition.
I then got a 3 set of monkey (Carter) PJS. These at Carters can Range from $30-35. You could get them on sale at target for $16. I only paid $3.50 at once upon a child! The floral top was the best deal of all! Only $1.50! I would have got more items but Myah was being a fussy pants!

The next little batch of clothes is for baby Noah!
The top 2 Pjs are size 6 months! Better to start stocking up now! They were only $3.50 each! Both Carters! The little fire truck one I actually had my eye on at target for $9. I only paid $3.50. That is in the size 0-3 months!

If you haven't checked out a "second hand" child store or Once Upon A Child i really recommend you do.
Like i said, I was once that type of mom that had to have EVERYTHING brand new. Now with Myah being 19 months old and Noah due this June i definitely believe in second hand clothes!  

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