Saturday, March 21, 2015


26 weeks pregnant (Baby Number 2)
Pregnancy should be the most enjoyable time of our lives. 


Well, us women will always get advice from other moms who want to help us out right? Wrong. 
Yes, their opinion is important BUT some things should just be kept to themselves.
Being a mom of 2, Well almost 2. Im 26 weeks pregnant with our second. I have had many opinions and advice thrown at me. 

Here are some things to NEVER & i mean NEVER say to a pregnant women!

  • How far along are you again? You look HUGE, or BIG! 
  • You are breastfeeding, RIGHT? How much weight have you gained?
  • You cant EAT that, TOUCH that, SMELL that,DRINK that and so on. 
  • Comparing pregnancy. EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFRENT!
Some things are okay to say to a pregnant woman. I think it just depends on how you say it!
Remember every belly and baby is different. Just because some women are bigger or smaller than you does not mean anything is wrong!
BUT when you start saying WOW you are huge for so many weeks. Or WOW you are big! I was way smaller at this point. That is when you are stepping over the line! 
I already feel like a giant whale, I dont need you telling me that as well! THANKS!

I think personal questions should be left alone unless the mom brings it up herself. 
  • It is no one else decision if you breastfeed or formula feed.  
  • If you want to have a pain-free labor or all natural. 
  • Also, leave the weight question out of it UNLESS the mom tells you herself. If not, ITS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS! Who cares if i gained 50lbs or 15lbs. My baby is happy and healthy!
Dont tell a pregnant woman what she can or can not do. If she wants to eat a bag of oreos. Let her. Yes, it may be unhealthy but if she craving it, let her have it. We do not need your opinion on what i am doing with my pregnancy. 

Last, Do not compare pregnancy! Just because you had to be induced and was in labor for 28 hours and had to have an emergency C-Section does not mean every woman will.
I actually had someone tell me once that since they were induced i will have to be induced! Myah came naturally. 
Your pregnancy symptoms may be completely different then that woman's pregnancy symptoms. 

Pregnancy should be a time we enjoy and we all know we get to a point in pregnancy where we want to just be done and have our little baby in our arms. So, lets just keep things to ourselves!

Very faint line(Baby #2)

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