Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Welcome back to my blog!
First, If you are not subscribed to our family youtube channel go check it out! I will have a full kids bathroom tour showing you were I placed all these amazing finds! 
We have lived at our apartment now for almost 2 years. Ever since we moved in we have always wanted to decorate and make it our home. Well, when you are 19 & 20 you don't have a whole lot of money to spend. That was us. We slowly decorated our home and made it our own but the biggest project by far was the kids bathroom. 

We have a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment. Both Bathrooms are pretty boring and bare. Now that we are 21 & 22,  Myah is almost 2 and I am due in 3 months with a baby boy we really wanted to buckle down and finish decorating our apartment. Well, not finish. You know what I mean. 
When we found out we were having a baby boy we new right away that the theme not only for him but for their bathroom was going to be "Nautical." For anyone who does not know what that means, it is simply just ocean theme items. It is also a great for gender neutral. That is another reason we choose it. It wasn't to girly and not to boyish and tough! 

Gage & I were at the mall one day when we decided to go into gordmans. Not specifically for their bathroom more to just look at the clothes and sale items they had. We did not think we would be walking out with $60 worth of stuff! When i saw these hooks though I couldn't pass them up! They went perfect with the shower curtain we had ordered from TARGET! I don't think the shower curtain is available in store. I believe only online. We paid $14.99. A little pricey i think but i really wanted it to match their theme really well.

I don't know if there is a gordmans everywhere but i do believe you can order off line from them if you are interested in anything pictured above! 
These starfish are my second favorite items from this trip! When I saw these, they screamed my name! Not only did they match our theme but they had a pink & blue! How perfect is that!  My favorite part about these starfish is that not only are they a rustic theme, they also have a really cute burlap bow with a little starfish attached! These were only $6.99 a peice! So far we are doing awesome with the deals! 

By far the best find of the day!

When I was thinking of ideas and ways I could decorate their bathroom with this nautical theme I really wanted to not only be kid friendly but also "guest" friendly. This is our 2 bathroom and the only bathroom our guest would be using. I did not want them walking into a episode of barney just to use the rest room. I tried to some how make sure everything flowed well together being a kid/Guest bathroom. When I saw this piece I knew it would tie the whole bathroom together! It also had the burlap background! It is in a beautiful shadow box. This was the most expensive item that we got. $14.99 but being in a shadow box and having the rustic wood, I think we got a GREAT deal!
I am in love with their bathroom. I am glad I choose this theme. It will probably stick with them until they are in school (Hopefully)! Nautical theme can really be any age.

Thanks for reading! 

I will leave the links down below on where to find all the items listed above!
Make sure to check out our youtube page for a bathroom tour and see where we put everything! 

Shower Curtain:

Bathroom Hooks:
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