Tuesday, March 24, 2015



Baby is about 14 inches long and weighs about 1.5 pounds!

I have not gained any weight. I still weight around 155-157!

                                              Highlights and Lowlights this week!


  • Noah is kicking and moving a ton! I love it.
  • I only have 3 months left!
  • No acne this week! Wohoo!
  • Starting to gain some weight!
  • No more sickness!
  • He is getting bigger everyday!
  • Belly button is almost popped!
  • Waking up every couple of hours to pee, drink water or eat snack.
  • Still feeling a bit depressed.
  • More emotional and stressed out this week.
  • Feeling like a whale. 
  • Having some painful braxton hicks contractions. 

I think that hardest thing this week would definitely be the lack of sleep. I am constantly tossing and turning or getting up to pee!

My mood lately has been terrible. I feel like i am constantly on Gage back about something. I think he knows i have been moody lately because he just brushes it off and doesn't try to start an argument. 

I also feel like Myah knows something big is about to change. She is been acting out a lot, and more clingy to me. She doesn't even want daddy to tuck her into bed. It has to be mommy. 

I cant believe march is already almost over. These months just keep flying by. April we have a busy month but not as crazy as May. Even though we have a lot planned and going on, i am happy about it. It keeps me busy and makes time go by faster. I JUST WANT TO MEET MY BABY BOY!

I am starting to have a little fear Myah will feel "left out" Or forgotten. I feel like every mom has that fear when they are pregnant with their second child. I hope it passes soon and she knows she will always be my baby girl.

I am way bigger this time around then when i was pregnant with Myah. I dont know if it is because he is a boy or if its just my body knowing what to do this time! I feel like a whale. I waddle everywhere. I never waddled with Myah! 

Braxton hicks have also been kicking my butt these past couple weeks. Sometimes i feel like i am in labor. They are painful. I brought them up to my doctor and he told me not to worry unless they are consistent which they are not. THANK GOODNESS! BUT they are painful!!

Thank you for reading!

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