Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hey guys!
           I have not posted in a while. We have been going through some pretty tough times!
We finally announced his name on our youtube channel! We are naming our baby boy Noah Logan! We are excited and cant wait for his arrival! Noah is doing great! He moves around a lot! More than Myah ever did! He is a little ninja! He kicks me non stop all night and sleeps all day! I kinda scared he will be the same way when he gets here!
         I have been having some pretty intense contractions these last couple weeks. I have not seen my doctor yet but will be in a couple days. I am not to worried just yet because they are not consistent but they are painful to the point it takes my breath away and i have to stop what i am doing just to breath through them! I have a feeling its just braxton hicks that are painful! I never had this with Myah so it is all brand new to me! Gage and I are praying though that this is not pre term labor.

        The other day it finally hit me that Noah due date is only 3.5 months away. Its kinda scary how fast the time is going. Scary knowing that is 3 or so months i will be a mom of 2! We have everything we need for when he gets here but of course there is always little things you need but for the most part we are pretty much done! He could use more clothes but that's just me! All in one week we got his carseat, pack & play, baby monitor and diaper bag!

I am having trouble sleeping. I dont know if i am just getting so big or if my bed is just uncomfortable! Im getting no sleep. I am also out of breath a lot more lately. I feel out of shape. Since it has been getting so warm here, Gage and I have been taking more walks! At 21 weeks pregnant i weighed 152.2. The doctor was not happy and suggested I drink protein shakes to get more into my body but honestly they taste gross so I am trying to eat more with out over doing it. I stepped on the scale this morning and it still said 152. =( I dont know how accurate my scale is but i hope i have gained some weight! I honestly dont know how i am not gaining weight because i feel like i look huge and getting big EVERYWHERE!

We have a lot of fun things planned for the next couple months. In april Gage and I are taking a weekend to our selfs in a beautiful hotel suit! Im super excited! I love hotels! Plus the weather is getting nice and i have been craving warm weather!!
Myah loves her baby brother already. She loves to come up and kiss my belly. Hug and tickle him. Its the cutest thing!
Other than that i believe that is all my symptoms.
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