Monday, February 2, 2015


We just made a trip recently to Wal- Mart & Target. I know, not the fanciest place to buy beauty products but HEY who cares. Honestly, with baby number 2 on the way and being a stay at home mom I cant afford the beauty products I use to buy. I would much rather save my money for my kids then go spend $50 dollars on foundation when i can buy it for about $10 dollars at the drug store! Now that does not mean im giving up on high end products. I will sometimes splurge on a nice product if we have the extra cash laying around. In the winter though that is very rare!

The first product i picked up from Wal- Mart was the Not Your Mothers "Way To Grow" Long and Strong Conditioner. I am actually really excited to try this product out. I have been trying to grow my hair out for the longest time! It is finally growing but stopped and i think it was because of the Shampoo i was using! Ugh. I heard another mommy on YouTube use this and have great results so i had to go out and try it for myself! I believe this was only $4 or maybe $5 dollars, so it was not to expensive. I tried it the other night and i LOVE it. The smell is amazing! It made my dry pregnancy hair really soft as well. I wish this would come in a liter bottle though! I also wish i would have got the Shampoo to go with it! 

The next product i picked up was "ECO TOOLS LARGE POWDER BRUSH" and let me tell you this. I LOVE IT! I have always bought the really cheap powder brushes such as E.L.F. You know, the $1 one. After buying so many cheap ones and getting so frustrated with them all i decided to get a good quality drug store brush. I was nervous to try it out but i absolutely love it. It is one of the most softest brushes i have ever used. It blends my powders out amazing! Also, it does not fall apart after so many times. 

Gage came home one day and surprised me with a new ESTEE LAUDER make up case. I was really excited. All my makeup cases get so nasty and gross that i am always buying new ones. Also, i was excited that my husband thought about me and got me something nice! =) 

I also picked up a few E.L.F products and to be honest and hate most of them. That is why i did not put them on my post. I feel like E.L.F is a hit of miss. I love the foundation but mostly everything else is pretty cheap and poor quality i think. I believe it is the perfect makeup for young girls who are just starting out! Perfect play around makeup! 

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