Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our Love Story

I'm sure many of you are wondering about the whole story between Gage & I.
I have mentioned and talked about it a few times on our YouTube page but never really went into full detail. It is kind of interesting,sad,funny every word you could think of between the relationship we have. Gage and i meet when my family moved in next door to his grandparents house back in 2005. His family was always over there! We saw each other a few times but never really talked. We were only 10/11 years old. So to me he was the weird boy next door! When we were about 12 years old, the summer before 7th grade, Gage came over to ask my dad for some help with his bike. Sure enough he was over all the time. Growing up it was me and my sisters NO BOYS! My dad still bought Four-Wheeler's, Go Karts, Dirt Bikes and told us there is no difference! Basically, all summer Gage & his little brother were over using all the fun "TOYS". We got to know each other a little bit more but not a whole lot. We were still in that awkward stage. We then started middle school and we were in the same "Homeroom Class". Here is where it got interesting, Gage would ignore me at school but come the weekend it was like it never happened! As the year went on, we actually started talking(in school) and hanging out outside of school. The summer before 8th grade we were like Best friends. We always went to the amusement park together. We only lived about 15 min away! We had a season pass and would seriously go 4 times a week. That is when our feelings started growing for each other.

8th Grade came around and we were put into separate houses. So we did not talk much the whole school year but we were still pretty good friends. Summer came around and we hung out all summer once again. This summer was different. It was the summer before 9th grade. High school. So we were all nervous. When i say "we" i mean our group of friends. 9th grade came around and we were actually pretty good friends. Our feelings for each other grew more. Homecoming of 2007 Gage asked me to be his "Date" I wish i had the pictures but i cant seem to find them! Typical teenage boy he and his friends watched as me and my best friends danced! The very last song was a slow song and we finally shared our "first dance" together. I will honestly never forget that night. After that Gage asked me to be his "Girlfriend" CUTE i know, but it did not last long. I wanted my first kiss to be him but he was way to shy! Gage and i "broke up" and a couple months later i started dating his cousin. I know, im horrible! This pissed Gage off to the point we didn't talk the whole year and half that me and his cousin dated! Looking back i feel bad because Gage and i had a great friendship, but everything happens for a reason right?
After his cousin and I broke up Gage and I still did not talk much. It was a text here and there but nothing like it use to be! It was now 2010. i was 16. So it was a good 2 1/2 years of not talking so much. Honestly, he had his life of dating and friends, and i had my life of boyfriends and friends. Gage had a party for his 18th birthday. He invited me and his girlfriend was there. It was a little weird because after all these years and different boyfriends i still had those feelings for Gage. After that day, something in my heart & head knew that I loved this guy. I tried to tell Gage about my feelings one night but he was telling me how amazing his girlfriend was so i just blew it off. I figured, why tell him when he seems so happy. To this day, Gage wishes i would have told him. He said that he actually felt that same way i did and did for a long time. Like i told him before, everything happens for a reason. Him and his girlfriend broke up so we started talking A LOT more than we use to. Gage asked me out on our SECOND official date(First being the homecoming dance in 2007) and he took me to this really fancy restaurant. Even though we were friends i was still shy and nervous. I guess that is what love does to you! After that date, he never asked me out, UGH! We hung out, went to movies, parties, he even took me to the casino for my 18th birthday! After my 18th birthday, whenever we hung out we would always get the question from his friends of my friends " Are you sure you to aren't dating?"We would get all shy and laugh and say No. Even though in my head i was like I WISH! We were just that close and we knew how we felt. Know matter where we were we would always end up next to each other. We would be at a party and out of all the people there Gage and I stuck by eachother for some reason. Other people could see our connection.Let me just remind you of something, out of all these years we still did not have our first kiss! Until one summer night in 2012! I waited 6 years to kiss this man! Trust me, he felt the same but he did not want to ruin anything we had so he waited to kiss me. After that kiss our relationship took off. We started dating summer of 2012 and have been together since. We have not had any time apart or breakup. As you guys know, we than got pregnant a couple months later in November of 2012. Of course we were scared at first but we stuck by each other and we figured this whole parenting thing out!

Pregnant with Myah
Wedding Day
 We than welcomed our beautiful baby girl Myah Lillian on August 5th 2013. Weighing 9lbs 4 oz 22 inches long! A little over a year later we got married on September 5th 2014 at a beautiful Apple Orchard where we live. A month later we got pregnant again. We are expecting a baby boy on June 26th 2015. I Sometimes wonder how lucky we really are. I grew up with this man. We were Best Friends. I took 6 years to finally become a couple and now almost 10 years later I am his wife and the mother to our Son & Daughter. We have our ups and downs just like every other couple but when it gets really bad i look at how far we have come. I would not want my life any other way. I was meant to marry this man and I did! I love our family. If you want to follow our journey, Check us out on our youtube page!
Myah Birth
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