Monday, April 13, 2015

Pregnancy Skin Care Routine!

Welcome back to my blog!
No makeup! Red Skin!
I thought I would share with you my pregnancy skin care routine. Now I dont have the perfect skin what's so ever. Trust me, I wish i did. I have been dealing with acne and acne scaring for years. I guess you could say the acne has gone away but I am dealing with acne scaring which is a pain! The type of scaring I have is not typical scars. They are not indented into my skin. What I deal with is RED MARKS! I think what is most frustrating is that when my skin as all clear of acne and is really smooth it does not look like it. Most of the RED MARKS are on my checks. They are slowly but surly going away FINALLY!

Back in high school I did not know anything about skin care. I would leave my makeup on ALL THE TIME, I didn't really know about facial mask or exfoliates. I basically bought Clean & Clear from Wal Mart and called it a day! Now in high school my skin was not to bad. I have seen worse. I would get a pimple here and there. What made my skin bad was after the pimple was gone i would be left with a RED acne scar. I will just say, my face is my biggest insecurity because of my acne scaring. As i got older i realized the importance of taking off your makeup and cleansing your face. Things didn't change much to be honest. I remember i HATED sleeping over at friends house because i was so insecure about how i looked! I remember when I got pregnant with our daughter i wanted to wear makeup during delivery because of how i looked! I gave birth at 20. 

I Came across a video on youtube of a girl who was dealing with the same thing i was. She was using the " Purity facial cleanser and Microdelivery Exfoliate" From Ulta. Now if you guys know me i am not one to spend a lot of money on facical cleanser but one day i sat down and said to myself " I am going to be 22 years old with 2 kids, i need to stop being so insecure about my face and do something about it." So i went online and order them! Let me just say, my skin has never felt better! I even got Gage into loving them! Lets Start with my routine!

  • The first thing I do even though i have the purity facial cleanser which acts as a makeup remover i will still use these "Night relaxing all in one wipes"! I mostly use these to take eye makeup off! I like to make sure everything is gone! Plus this is the only makeup remover my skin can handle! I have sensitive skin and even though this has a fragrance to it, it oddly enough doesn't irritate it! 
  • Next, I take the "Purity Facial cleanser" add a little bit of water to my hand and rub that all over my face. Now, when i first used this i thought my whole face had to be wet but in order for it to remove the makeup you only mix it with a little bit of water on your hand! This facial cleanser does have a scent but it does not irritate my skin at all! Once I rinse that off I wont dry my face, i will leave the left over water and use the Micro delivery Exfoliate. This is gentle enough to use every day. I DO! You rub this into your skin for 30 seconds and rinse off with luke warm water. I love the feeling my skin had after using these 2 products alone!
  • The whitening mask i do not use every night. I use it 2-3 times a week. I try to use it Sunday, Tuesdays and Thursdays and give my skin a break all weekend! I saw this when i was shopping online at ulta and read reveiws on how it is suppose to help with acne red scaring! I thought i would just try it out! So far i have noticed a slight diffrence in my skin. Not a huge change but a little! I basically put this only on the areas that need it most. 
  • I then will always use a moisturizer. If i use the whitening mask then i wont use a moisturizer but on the nights i don't i will. I am just weird like that. I use the "Ponds Dark spot correcting Cream" anything to help with the spots right! =) I actually bought this right before my honeymoon in septemeber and this little travel size jar is finally almost gone! Thats 8 months! I wouldn't say this has helped the dark spots but i dont use it on a daily basis like i should.  

That is basically my pregnancy skin care routine! Like i said i have noticed a huge diffrence in my skin ever since i have started this routine! If you have problem skin like i do, i would recommend to spend the extra money. 

I will leave a link down below to our youtube page where i also show you step by step!!

These products came from Ulta & Target! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Welcome back to my blog!
First, If you are not subscribed to our family youtube channel go check it out! I will have a full kids bathroom tour showing you were I placed all these amazing finds! 
We have lived at our apartment now for almost 2 years. Ever since we moved in we have always wanted to decorate and make it our home. Well, when you are 19 & 20 you don't have a whole lot of money to spend. That was us. We slowly decorated our home and made it our own but the biggest project by far was the kids bathroom. 

We have a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment. Both Bathrooms are pretty boring and bare. Now that we are 21 & 22,  Myah is almost 2 and I am due in 3 months with a baby boy we really wanted to buckle down and finish decorating our apartment. Well, not finish. You know what I mean. 
When we found out we were having a baby boy we new right away that the theme not only for him but for their bathroom was going to be "Nautical." For anyone who does not know what that means, it is simply just ocean theme items. It is also a great for gender neutral. That is another reason we choose it. It wasn't to girly and not to boyish and tough! 

Gage & I were at the mall one day when we decided to go into gordmans. Not specifically for their bathroom more to just look at the clothes and sale items they had. We did not think we would be walking out with $60 worth of stuff! When i saw these hooks though I couldn't pass them up! They went perfect with the shower curtain we had ordered from TARGET! I don't think the shower curtain is available in store. I believe only online. We paid $14.99. A little pricey i think but i really wanted it to match their theme really well.

I don't know if there is a gordmans everywhere but i do believe you can order off line from them if you are interested in anything pictured above! 
These starfish are my second favorite items from this trip! When I saw these, they screamed my name! Not only did they match our theme but they had a pink & blue! How perfect is that!  My favorite part about these starfish is that not only are they a rustic theme, they also have a really cute burlap bow with a little starfish attached! These were only $6.99 a peice! So far we are doing awesome with the deals! 

By far the best find of the day!

When I was thinking of ideas and ways I could decorate their bathroom with this nautical theme I really wanted to not only be kid friendly but also "guest" friendly. This is our 2 bathroom and the only bathroom our guest would be using. I did not want them walking into a episode of barney just to use the rest room. I tried to some how make sure everything flowed well together being a kid/Guest bathroom. When I saw this piece I knew it would tie the whole bathroom together! It also had the burlap background! It is in a beautiful shadow box. This was the most expensive item that we got. $14.99 but being in a shadow box and having the rustic wood, I think we got a GREAT deal!
I am in love with their bathroom. I am glad I choose this theme. It will probably stick with them until they are in school (Hopefully)! Nautical theme can really be any age.

Thanks for reading! 

I will leave the links down below on where to find all the items listed above!
Make sure to check out our youtube page for a bathroom tour and see where we put everything! 

Shower Curtain:

Bathroom Hooks:
Shadow box:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015



Baby is about 14 inches long and weighs about 1.5 pounds!

I have not gained any weight. I still weight around 155-157!

                                              Highlights and Lowlights this week!


  • Noah is kicking and moving a ton! I love it.
  • I only have 3 months left!
  • No acne this week! Wohoo!
  • Starting to gain some weight!
  • No more sickness!
  • He is getting bigger everyday!
  • Belly button is almost popped!
  • Waking up every couple of hours to pee, drink water or eat snack.
  • Still feeling a bit depressed.
  • More emotional and stressed out this week.
  • Feeling like a whale. 
  • Having some painful braxton hicks contractions. 

I think that hardest thing this week would definitely be the lack of sleep. I am constantly tossing and turning or getting up to pee!

My mood lately has been terrible. I feel like i am constantly on Gage back about something. I think he knows i have been moody lately because he just brushes it off and doesn't try to start an argument. 

I also feel like Myah knows something big is about to change. She is been acting out a lot, and more clingy to me. She doesn't even want daddy to tuck her into bed. It has to be mommy. 

I cant believe march is already almost over. These months just keep flying by. April we have a busy month but not as crazy as May. Even though we have a lot planned and going on, i am happy about it. It keeps me busy and makes time go by faster. I JUST WANT TO MEET MY BABY BOY!

I am starting to have a little fear Myah will feel "left out" Or forgotten. I feel like every mom has that fear when they are pregnant with their second child. I hope it passes soon and she knows she will always be my baby girl.

I am way bigger this time around then when i was pregnant with Myah. I dont know if it is because he is a boy or if its just my body knowing what to do this time! I feel like a whale. I waddle everywhere. I never waddled with Myah! 

Braxton hicks have also been kicking my butt these past couple weeks. Sometimes i feel like i am in labor. They are painful. I brought them up to my doctor and he told me not to worry unless they are consistent which they are not. THANK GOODNESS! BUT they are painful!!

Thank you for reading!

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Saturday, March 21, 2015


26 weeks pregnant (Baby Number 2)
Pregnancy should be the most enjoyable time of our lives. 


Well, us women will always get advice from other moms who want to help us out right? Wrong. 
Yes, their opinion is important BUT some things should just be kept to themselves.
Being a mom of 2, Well almost 2. Im 26 weeks pregnant with our second. I have had many opinions and advice thrown at me. 

Here are some things to NEVER & i mean NEVER say to a pregnant women!

  • How far along are you again? You look HUGE, or BIG! 
  • You are breastfeeding, RIGHT? How much weight have you gained?
  • You cant EAT that, TOUCH that, SMELL that,DRINK that and so on. 
  • Comparing pregnancy. EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFRENT!
Some things are okay to say to a pregnant woman. I think it just depends on how you say it!
Remember every belly and baby is different. Just because some women are bigger or smaller than you does not mean anything is wrong!
BUT when you start saying WOW you are huge for so many weeks. Or WOW you are big! I was way smaller at this point. That is when you are stepping over the line! 
I already feel like a giant whale, I dont need you telling me that as well! THANKS!

I think personal questions should be left alone unless the mom brings it up herself. 
  • It is no one else decision if you breastfeed or formula feed.  
  • If you want to have a pain-free labor or all natural. 
  • Also, leave the weight question out of it UNLESS the mom tells you herself. If not, ITS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS! Who cares if i gained 50lbs or 15lbs. My baby is happy and healthy!
Dont tell a pregnant woman what she can or can not do. If she wants to eat a bag of oreos. Let her. Yes, it may be unhealthy but if she craving it, let her have it. We do not need your opinion on what i am doing with my pregnancy. 

Last, Do not compare pregnancy! Just because you had to be induced and was in labor for 28 hours and had to have an emergency C-Section does not mean every woman will.
I actually had someone tell me once that since they were induced i will have to be induced! Myah came naturally. 
Your pregnancy symptoms may be completely different then that woman's pregnancy symptoms. 

Pregnancy should be a time we enjoy and we all know we get to a point in pregnancy where we want to just be done and have our little baby in our arms. So, lets just keep things to ourselves!

Very faint line(Baby #2)

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Friday, March 20, 2015


Hey guys!

I had a couple people come to me and ask me...

  • Why do you buy second hand? 
  • That's so gross, other people have worn those.
  • Why not just buy brand new?
  • You cant afford new clothes?

After hearing some of these ridiculous questions, I decided to explain WHY I buy second hand kids clothes.
The main reason I buy second hand clothes is because THEY ARE CHEAP! Does that make me poor? Does that mean I cant afford new or nice things? NO!

I'm going to be 100% honest. When I was pregnant with Myah I was the same way. I wanted everything new. I did not want "hand-me-downs" or "Second Hand" clothes. I took the clothes that were offered to me of course but I didn't let people know that it was "Second Hand". 
When Myah was born at 9lbs 4 oz my mind started to change a bit on buying second hand items! Gage and I had spent a lot of money on brand new Newborn clothes. Well, guess what. Myah barley got to wear them because she was such a chunky baby! 
I had then wished we had only spent maybe a couple dollars on newborn clothes instead of $15-20 on just 2 little onsies! 

That brings me into the whole, "That's so gross, other people have worn those clothes" Infants, Toddlers & Kids do not wear their clothes as much as we adults do. Kids, toddlers, infants all grow so fast. They are in new sizes every couple of months.
We actually donated some of Myah Newborn Onsies since she did not fit into them. They were like new but they are still considered "Second Hand" because you are not buying it from "Target" or some other big departments store. 
People think that if you buy from "Once Upon A Child" "GoodWill" or any other second hand store that all the clothes are dirty and gross. When in reality the child probably only wore the clothes 3-4 times! When buying second hand you always wanna make sure it is still good quality. Sometimes you can even find items that still have tags on them!

The reason why I wont buy everything brand new is because Myah and now Noah will grow out of the clothes so fast. I do splurge and get them really nice outfits here and there but a majority of their clothes are "Second Hand" and you know what. IM OKAY WITH THAT! 

If you wanna judge me or my family because I buy my kids "second hand" then go for it. In the end I am saving my family a ton of money on kids clothes that are going to get ruined, never get worn or worn once!

I recently went to ONCE UPON A CHILD and found some amazing deals on clothes for the summer that are still in excellent condition!
 From left to right. I got 2 pairs of shorts(Target&Carters brand) for only $3.50 each! Both amazing condition.
I then got a 3 set of monkey (Carter) PJS. These at Carters can Range from $30-35. You could get them on sale at target for $16. I only paid $3.50 at once upon a child! The floral top was the best deal of all! Only $1.50! I would have got more items but Myah was being a fussy pants!

The next little batch of clothes is for baby Noah!
The top 2 Pjs are size 6 months! Better to start stocking up now! They were only $3.50 each! Both Carters! The little fire truck one I actually had my eye on at target for $9. I only paid $3.50. That is in the size 0-3 months!

If you haven't checked out a "second hand" child store or Once Upon A Child i really recommend you do.
Like i said, I was once that type of mom that had to have EVERYTHING brand new. Now with Myah being 19 months old and Noah due this June i definitely believe in second hand clothes!  

Check out our family youtube page!                                                                            

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hey guys!
           I have not posted in a while. We have been going through some pretty tough times!
We finally announced his name on our youtube channel! We are naming our baby boy Noah Logan! We are excited and cant wait for his arrival! Noah is doing great! He moves around a lot! More than Myah ever did! He is a little ninja! He kicks me non stop all night and sleeps all day! I kinda scared he will be the same way when he gets here!
         I have been having some pretty intense contractions these last couple weeks. I have not seen my doctor yet but will be in a couple days. I am not to worried just yet because they are not consistent but they are painful to the point it takes my breath away and i have to stop what i am doing just to breath through them! I have a feeling its just braxton hicks that are painful! I never had this with Myah so it is all brand new to me! Gage and I are praying though that this is not pre term labor.

        The other day it finally hit me that Noah due date is only 3.5 months away. Its kinda scary how fast the time is going. Scary knowing that is 3 or so months i will be a mom of 2! We have everything we need for when he gets here but of course there is always little things you need but for the most part we are pretty much done! He could use more clothes but that's just me! All in one week we got his carseat, pack & play, baby monitor and diaper bag!

I am having trouble sleeping. I dont know if i am just getting so big or if my bed is just uncomfortable! Im getting no sleep. I am also out of breath a lot more lately. I feel out of shape. Since it has been getting so warm here, Gage and I have been taking more walks! At 21 weeks pregnant i weighed 152.2. The doctor was not happy and suggested I drink protein shakes to get more into my body but honestly they taste gross so I am trying to eat more with out over doing it. I stepped on the scale this morning and it still said 152. =( I dont know how accurate my scale is but i hope i have gained some weight! I honestly dont know how i am not gaining weight because i feel like i look huge and getting big EVERYWHERE!

We have a lot of fun things planned for the next couple months. In april Gage and I are taking a weekend to our selfs in a beautiful hotel suit! Im super excited! I love hotels! Plus the weather is getting nice and i have been craving warm weather!!
Myah loves her baby brother already. She loves to come up and kiss my belly. Hug and tickle him. Its the cutest thing!
Other than that i believe that is all my symptoms.
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Monday, February 2, 2015


We just made a trip recently to Wal- Mart & Target. I know, not the fanciest place to buy beauty products but HEY who cares. Honestly, with baby number 2 on the way and being a stay at home mom I cant afford the beauty products I use to buy. I would much rather save my money for my kids then go spend $50 dollars on foundation when i can buy it for about $10 dollars at the drug store! Now that does not mean im giving up on high end products. I will sometimes splurge on a nice product if we have the extra cash laying around. In the winter though that is very rare!

The first product i picked up from Wal- Mart was the Not Your Mothers "Way To Grow" Long and Strong Conditioner. I am actually really excited to try this product out. I have been trying to grow my hair out for the longest time! It is finally growing but stopped and i think it was because of the Shampoo i was using! Ugh. I heard another mommy on YouTube use this and have great results so i had to go out and try it for myself! I believe this was only $4 or maybe $5 dollars, so it was not to expensive. I tried it the other night and i LOVE it. The smell is amazing! It made my dry pregnancy hair really soft as well. I wish this would come in a liter bottle though! I also wish i would have got the Shampoo to go with it! 

The next product i picked up was "ECO TOOLS LARGE POWDER BRUSH" and let me tell you this. I LOVE IT! I have always bought the really cheap powder brushes such as E.L.F. You know, the $1 one. After buying so many cheap ones and getting so frustrated with them all i decided to get a good quality drug store brush. I was nervous to try it out but i absolutely love it. It is one of the most softest brushes i have ever used. It blends my powders out amazing! Also, it does not fall apart after so many times. 

Gage came home one day and surprised me with a new ESTEE LAUDER make up case. I was really excited. All my makeup cases get so nasty and gross that i am always buying new ones. Also, i was excited that my husband thought about me and got me something nice! =) 

I also picked up a few E.L.F products and to be honest and hate most of them. That is why i did not put them on my post. I feel like E.L.F is a hit of miss. I love the foundation but mostly everything else is pretty cheap and poor quality i think. I believe it is the perfect makeup for young girls who are just starting out! Perfect play around makeup! 

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our Love Story

I'm sure many of you are wondering about the whole story between Gage & I.
I have mentioned and talked about it a few times on our YouTube page but never really went into full detail. It is kind of interesting,sad,funny every word you could think of between the relationship we have. Gage and i meet when my family moved in next door to his grandparents house back in 2005. His family was always over there! We saw each other a few times but never really talked. We were only 10/11 years old. So to me he was the weird boy next door! When we were about 12 years old, the summer before 7th grade, Gage came over to ask my dad for some help with his bike. Sure enough he was over all the time. Growing up it was me and my sisters NO BOYS! My dad still bought Four-Wheeler's, Go Karts, Dirt Bikes and told us there is no difference! Basically, all summer Gage & his little brother were over using all the fun "TOYS". We got to know each other a little bit more but not a whole lot. We were still in that awkward stage. We then started middle school and we were in the same "Homeroom Class". Here is where it got interesting, Gage would ignore me at school but come the weekend it was like it never happened! As the year went on, we actually started talking(in school) and hanging out outside of school. The summer before 8th grade we were like Best friends. We always went to the amusement park together. We only lived about 15 min away! We had a season pass and would seriously go 4 times a week. That is when our feelings started growing for each other.

8th Grade came around and we were put into separate houses. So we did not talk much the whole school year but we were still pretty good friends. Summer came around and we hung out all summer once again. This summer was different. It was the summer before 9th grade. High school. So we were all nervous. When i say "we" i mean our group of friends. 9th grade came around and we were actually pretty good friends. Our feelings for each other grew more. Homecoming of 2007 Gage asked me to be his "Date" I wish i had the pictures but i cant seem to find them! Typical teenage boy he and his friends watched as me and my best friends danced! The very last song was a slow song and we finally shared our "first dance" together. I will honestly never forget that night. After that Gage asked me to be his "Girlfriend" CUTE i know, but it did not last long. I wanted my first kiss to be him but he was way to shy! Gage and i "broke up" and a couple months later i started dating his cousin. I know, im horrible! This pissed Gage off to the point we didn't talk the whole year and half that me and his cousin dated! Looking back i feel bad because Gage and i had a great friendship, but everything happens for a reason right?
After his cousin and I broke up Gage and I still did not talk much. It was a text here and there but nothing like it use to be! It was now 2010. i was 16. So it was a good 2 1/2 years of not talking so much. Honestly, he had his life of dating and friends, and i had my life of boyfriends and friends. Gage had a party for his 18th birthday. He invited me and his girlfriend was there. It was a little weird because after all these years and different boyfriends i still had those feelings for Gage. After that day, something in my heart & head knew that I loved this guy. I tried to tell Gage about my feelings one night but he was telling me how amazing his girlfriend was so i just blew it off. I figured, why tell him when he seems so happy. To this day, Gage wishes i would have told him. He said that he actually felt that same way i did and did for a long time. Like i told him before, everything happens for a reason. Him and his girlfriend broke up so we started talking A LOT more than we use to. Gage asked me out on our SECOND official date(First being the homecoming dance in 2007) and he took me to this really fancy restaurant. Even though we were friends i was still shy and nervous. I guess that is what love does to you! After that date, he never asked me out, UGH! We hung out, went to movies, parties, he even took me to the casino for my 18th birthday! After my 18th birthday, whenever we hung out we would always get the question from his friends of my friends " Are you sure you to aren't dating?"We would get all shy and laugh and say No. Even though in my head i was like I WISH! We were just that close and we knew how we felt. Know matter where we were we would always end up next to each other. We would be at a party and out of all the people there Gage and I stuck by eachother for some reason. Other people could see our connection.Let me just remind you of something, out of all these years we still did not have our first kiss! Until one summer night in 2012! I waited 6 years to kiss this man! Trust me, he felt the same but he did not want to ruin anything we had so he waited to kiss me. After that kiss our relationship took off. We started dating summer of 2012 and have been together since. We have not had any time apart or breakup. As you guys know, we than got pregnant a couple months later in November of 2012. Of course we were scared at first but we stuck by each other and we figured this whole parenting thing out!

Pregnant with Myah
Wedding Day
 We than welcomed our beautiful baby girl Myah Lillian on August 5th 2013. Weighing 9lbs 4 oz 22 inches long! A little over a year later we got married on September 5th 2014 at a beautiful Apple Orchard where we live. A month later we got pregnant again. We are expecting a baby boy on June 26th 2015. I Sometimes wonder how lucky we really are. I grew up with this man. We were Best Friends. I took 6 years to finally become a couple and now almost 10 years later I am his wife and the mother to our Son & Daughter. We have our ups and downs just like every other couple but when it gets really bad i look at how far we have come. I would not want my life any other way. I was meant to marry this man and I did! I love our family. If you want to follow our journey, Check us out on our youtube page!
Myah Birth
Our Family

Thursday, January 22, 2015


17 months old
Myah is 17 almost 18 months old! She weighs 21 lbs and i dont know how tall she is. Yes she is still a tiny peanut! I usually make a video on her but she DOES NOT want to sit still for that long! She has grown up so much since her 12 month update! She is now a "soon to be BIG SISTER" 

17 months old
   At 17 months old Myah knows all of her body parts! ( Ears, Eyes,Nose, Teeth, Hair, Fingers, Toes, & Belly Button) We are now working on ARMS, LEGS, HEAD, SHOULDER, HANDS & FEET. Everyday she amazes me with how fast she is learning. She can say Mommy, Daddy, Nana(Grandma) & Papa(Grandpa) and much other random words! Gage and I have to now watch what we say because she LOVES to repeat what we say! EEK.
She has been obsessed with Frozen and the " Let It Go" song! Honestly, Im over it!! Mommy needs a break from frozen! 

Myah also loves to stack her blocks and she can count to 2! Its amazing! We also went to the store and bought her some "Big girl underwear" and her first potty! She loves to sit on it when we go potty but its still a struggle for her to go on it by herself.

My favorite thing about Myah is that she is always happy. Of course she has her typical cranky, sassy attitude but for the most part she is happy! 

She is still a awesome sleeper! She goes to bed anywhere from 7;30pm-8pm and will sleep till 8am! We are very lucky in that department. Both Gage & I love our sleep though so she gets it from us! 

17 months old

Myah is still obsessed with her baths! She got into a funk of loving showers more but now she is back to the bath! She loves to swim around and play with her tea cups! She also loves to splash daddy! We brush her teeth morning and night. I feel like she is lacking in the teeth department! She has 12 teeth! I feel like other kids her age already have a full mouth! I have already started planning her second birthday! I know, its kind of early BUT i dont care! She may be getting bigger but she will always be my little princess! 

If you want to see more of Myah check out our family youtube channel! 

18 Weeks Pregnant! IT'S A BOY

Hey Guys,
I have not posted since the middle of summer and ALOT has changed! Gage and I got
September 6th 2014
married on September 6th 2014. It was a beautiful ceremony! We took a road trip down to Florida and had an amazing time! We went to the beach, Universal Studios & basically relaxed!

Oct.23rd 2014
Gage & I wanted to have our children close in age. As you guys know we have a daughter named Myah. (17 Months old!) We wanted another baby so they could be close in age. Well, not to long after we got married, we got PREGNANT. We found out we were pregnant on October 20th 2014! We were shocked that it happened so 
quick! Even though this was our second baby you still have a bunch of fears that run through your mind. My biggest one was what if something goes wrong! As the weeks went by we got to see our little bub for the first time on ULTRASOUND. The heartbeat was 170 beats per minute and we thought for sure another baby GIRL. All of my symptoms this pregnancy have been completely different then when i was pregnant with Myah.The most difficult symptom i have dealt with is nausea.
I have lost a total of almost 10lbs because of being so sick! Around 12 weeks we did a fun gender predictor test and that said we were having a GIRL! We then did the baking soda test and that said BOY! Around 13 weeks i was pretty confident that this little baby inside of me was a BOY. I guess you could call it mommy's intuition. Gage was still set on a girl. At 14 weeks we had another ultrasound. We both swore we saw a little Boy part but was not quit sure! Gage got a little nervous! 
At 16 weeks 1 day we set up a private appointment to find out what baby number two is. Well, mommy is always right because IT'S A BOY! We are so excited to start a whole new journey with this baby and Myah already loves her little brother. She loves to kiss my belly! I am now 18 weeks and i cant believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I have not felt Offical baby flutters yet because i do have a anterior placenta. I swear i have felt something though! I guess we will have to wait and see! My next appointment with my OB is February 11th and our Next ultrasound is on February 14th! 
I dont have many symptoms as i use to. I still get sick every once and while and my OB said i have to force myself to eat. Other than that i feel great!! My skin could use some help though. This little boy has been giving me tons of cravings. Panda Express! YUM. I have a bunch of little cravings here and there but nothing like Panda! 
If you are not following us on our YOUTUBE page i will leave a link down below! 
Im sorry this is such a long update but i wanted to let you guys know where we have been! 

We are excited to welcome our son this JUNE!