Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mommy Talk Thursday!

                                                                 Easter Sunday

           It was finally Easter Sunday! This was Myah first Easter. Gage & I were so excited to share this wonderful day with her!
          Myah woke up at her normal time, 7:30 am. She had her normal breakfast(oatmeal) and her 6oz bottle. To her nothing was different, it was just a normal day. After her bottle she played with her toys for a bit. She loves to crawl around and pull herself up onto things. I was getting ahold of my mom at this point trying to figure out all the fun Easter plans. My mom had told me days before that it was just going to be my dad, her, gage and myself this Easter since my other sisters all had plans.
         It was about 8:30 when my mom got ahold of me saying we were going to go out to brunch at 11am. At that point mommy mood kicked in and I was in a panic. How was I suppose to get my 9 month old bathed, changed, diaper bag packed and make sure Gage & I were showered and ready to leave at 10:30am? We somehow managed to get ready and drive to my parents house before 10:30!
When we got there my parents were not ready, so my sister and I took our babies on a little wagon ride around. It was such a beautiful day!
                                                                    Arlo & Myah

My parents were finally ready! We all just rode in the same car together to make it easier. When we arrived at the restaurant(Buffet) it was packed. The line was coming out the door! We all decided that we would just wait because we were hungry. We hadn't ate all morning. While we waited in line, a few people came up to us and told us how adorable Myah  was. I love hearing that! Their was also a lady coming around giving all the kiddos little bunny ears!
            We Finally got to the front of the line! There was so many people in the restaurant you could hardly walk. When we got to our table, my dad offered to sit with Myah so we could go and get our plate of food first. This was a buffet, it should just be grab and go to a different station. NOPE. We waited in more lines to get food. Hey I'm not complaining  because the food was amazing. We all got our food and of course Myah wanted to eat everything off our plates. We gave her mashed potatoes(SHE LOVED). I believe she ate half of mine. On top of her mash potatoes, she also ate her jar of baby food and 6oz bottle! She was hungry!! We finally left & we were all full! We could have took a nap!
           Later that afternoon my sisters got ahold of my mom and said "We are coming over". All three of my sisters and their  family's came over. What we thought was going to be a quiet afternoon, turned into a big Easter party! By the time everyone got there it was about 73 degrees outside, so we decided to have a BBQ! All of our family was sitting outside, listing to the kids play with their bubbles. It was a perfect day! Good thing I brought my sunscreen!
           My sister and her husband have a puppy( Daisy) that they brought over. I believe a chocolate lab? Myah is usually scared of dogs but today she must have been feeling daring because when Daisy  came and laid her head down by her she went crazy! She was kissing her, petting her, doing what a normal 9 month old would do! She loved her! Surprisingly the Daisy did not mind! Maybe because they are both babies? Haha
                                                                Myah & Daisy

Gage's mom & dad live right next door to my parents.(Crazy, I know!) When my parents started to throw some things onto the grill, Gage and I decided to pack Myah up in the stroller and take a little walk next door to see her other side of the family. Everyone was so excited to see her. Especially her auntie( who is 10 years old). We hung out their for a bit, saw Gage's brother and grandma. They got her some Easter gifts! Which is very kind. I don't expect anything on Easter. It's not about gifts, its about God. They got her a Sofia the first movie and come clothes! Gage & I also got some candy!=) As it was getting later in the day we decided to pack Myah back up in the stroller and head back to my parents house. Well, that was were our car was.
                 When we got back Myah was so tired. She was screaming and crying. My mom gave Myah an Easter basket as well, Which also had some clothes in it!! I love clothes. haha. My mom also gave Gage& I some candy! Yum!
              Once we got home we got Myah right into her jammies gave her a bottle had she fell fast asleep! I noticed that night that I had sunburn on my left arm! I don't know if I should be happy about that since it was a cold and brutal winter or be sad because it was painful! I think I was more happy! =)
            I finished up the night cleaning up the house like usual and checking out Facebook, Pinterest and of course YOUTUBE!

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