Friday, May 9, 2014

Outfit Of The Day! Mommy&Daughter Edition!


Welcome back to my blog! We have such a busy weekend ahead of us! It is my nephew 1st birthday party Saturday and mothers day(In America) on Sunday! Today, Myah and I have a lot of running around to do. We are helping my sister get all the food and everything else ready for the party!
I thought I would show you guys what Myah & I are wearing as we run around and do a bunch of errands!
Target Sweater

I will show you my outfit first! I did not take any pictures of Myah or I in the outfits just because we are in such a hurry!

Motherhood Maternity
I love this sweater! It is so comfy and warm but at the same time it is light and breezy! It is a perfect spring time sweater. Also the colors on it are AMAZING! The main colors are a beautiful coral and a off white almost creamy color! I got it awhile back, I would say about 3 months ago from target. The brand is Xhilaration and I got the size M/M which is Medium! ;) For being 9 Months Postpartum this sweater fits me good. I usually wear a large every since I gave birth but the material on this sweater is kind of stretchy.
I'm not complaining! =) I got it on sale for $8.00. It was a great deal!

Okay, I have a little secret. YES these are maternity jeans! I LOVE THEM! Before I had Myah I was a size 8 maybe or a size 6? I am not 100% sure! After having Myah I did not fit into any of my Pre Pregnancy jeans. I do however still fit into maternity jeans!;) They are so comfy! I have about 4 pairs of them! The thing I have a problem with most when trying on jeans is they fit me everywhere else but my mommy tummy! If I go up a next size it is all baggy but they button. I am kind of stuck in the middle. The maternity jeans have bands so I don't need to button them! Yay! These jeans are from Motherhood Maternity and they are size Small.

The last thing I did not show you guys are my shoes, Well flip flops! I just wear the same old flip flops I normally do! They are from old navy 2 years ago! I have never been a shoe person! I never buy shoes. I go through phases where I want all the shoes in the world, then the next day I could care less about them!
I always wanted to have matching mommy and daughter outfits. So, today I did my best to try and match our outfits as much as possible! I searched through her whole closet and finally found the perfect Sweater! It was coral and had white/cream polka dots all over it! How perfect right!? Her sweater is from Carter's and is size 6 months. Yes, she still fits into 6 months! It did come with a full outfit but she got the pants all dirty so we had to throw them away. I had to find white pants. White pants for a 9 month old?HA! But I found a pair! There is not much to say about white baby pants other than THEY WILL GET DIRTY! haha. We got her pants I believe from Once Upon A Child. They brand of the pants are Lullaby Club & they are size 6 months as well! Of course under every outfit I always put a onsie! I don't know why but Myah was sick yesterday so I for sure wanted to make sure she stayed warm and cozy today! The brand of her onsie is Circo. I believe that is wal mart? Or is it target? lol Last but not least we have Myah socks which I honestly have no idea where she got them from! Im just going to say target! lol Myah is not wearing any shoes today because she lost her one shoe when we were shopping at target! I have to go out and get her some new shoes! That is our Mommy and Daughter Outfit Of The Day! 
Lullaby Club

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Talkin' Thursday




Welcome back to Talkin' Thursday.

As some of you know, Talkin' Thursday is were I update you guys on new and exciting this happening in my life.
Well this week has been a very exciting week! Myah turned 9 months old on May 5th! I cant believe my baby is already 9 months old. Soon she wont be a baby she will be a toddler!

I am just going to give you guys a recap of Myah had her development throughout these past 9 months.
Myah First Smile
So, Myah was born on August 5th 2013 at 3:03Pm. She was 9lbs 4oz and 22 inches long! I know, she was a big girl!! I went naturally at 39+6 days. Maybe next Thursday I will tell you guys my Labour&Delivery story because it was pretty crazy! We came home from the hospital 2 days later. She was growing awesome!
Her first Milestone was her smiling. I will always remember that day. It just brings so much joy to your world that nothing nor nobody could take away. There is just something about a baby smile that can make anyone smile. To this day, whenever I see her smile or giggle it still brings tears of joy!

Myah Sitting up
Myah's next major milestone that she worker very hard on was sitting up. She learned all on her own. We never bought a Bumbo to help support her and we only used her boppy for feeding. I still remember the day she learned to sit. She was such a pro. She just turned 5 months old that day. Myah, Gage and I were in the living room and we just sat her next to us and let go. Mind you we never really practiced sitting with her till that day. She sat for a min then 10 min then after that she was sitting up like a champ! I loved that she was able to sit up. She could play with more toys interact with her more! I defiantly loved that stage!
She has had other little milestones here and there. Such as Learning to roll over, holding her own bottle, trying baby food little things like that.
The latest milestone she has reached which I don't have a picture of, is her learning how to crawl. She was 8 months old. She didn't army crawl she went straight into using all legs! Big girl! Everyone was shocked.
Finally now at 9 Months old. Myah Lillian weighs 16.5lbs & is 28 inches long! We went to her doctor yesterday and he said "she is tall and skinny" haha. I don't know where she gets that from, Gage and I are both short! I was concerned about her weight, but he said that Myah is just a healthy eater and does not eat because she is board. She eats only when her body needs it. She did not get any shots but they said she will be getting some at her 12 month check up which is only 3 months away!! Holy crap!
At 9 Months old Myah is eating stage 2 & 3 baby foods, yogurt, mash potatoes, eggs (sometimes) and bananas (sometimes). The doctor gave us the okay to introduce more food. She also loves her puffs and yogurt bites!
She has been crawling for a month and is now starting to pull up on the furniture and walk along the furniture and walk with her toy walker! Her hair is growing super long and she is now fits into her 9 month clothing! lol
She laughs and talks and screams(good scream) all day long. This little girl seems to amaze me everyday with everything she does. The best thing is I get to watch her grow into her own little personality and enjoy every minute with her! She is my world.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

                                  121 Days until the wedding!

It is wedding Wednesday!
I am so excited because I have so much to share! The first thing I wanted to share and just get off my chest is we finally have a photographer!! We only have 4 months till our wedding but we found a guy that we loved and he was available! His pricing is also wonderful. He only charges $1200. No tax! For $1200 we are getting all day with him. So from the moment we wake up till the last song playing. (that's a long day) We get to keep all the pictures(he estimated around 800), we get all printing rights, and so much more that I cant even think of! I am so happy we found someone with such reasonable pricing! Some photographers we looked at charged $4000 for only 6 hours! Crazy I know. Any wase we are going to go meet up with him on Monday May 12th at a little coffee shop to finalize everything. OH and did I mention, his photos come out beautiful!  He is very talented! I will update you guys more next Wednesday on how everything went!

The next exciting thing I have to share is our
ceremony site!
Ceremony Site
We are getting married at an apple orchard. Yes! A fricken APPLE ORCHARD! How beautiful does that sound?! I am not going to say what apple orchard(Privacy reason) but let me tell you, it is unbelievable! So if you guys don't know, we are getting married September 6th 2014. That my friend is prim apple season. The fields are going to look amazing! They also have a spot were me and my girls can get ready! I think the guys have a dressing room as well. ;)
I think out of everything amazing this apple orchard comes with, the most exciting thing Gage and I are happy about is that all the guest get a tractor/wagon ride to the ceremony site! How cool is that! All the guest have to arrive a little early to make sure they get on a wagon or they might get left behind. Also, after the ceremony Gage and I get a "private moment" (that's what they call it) in the middle of the apple orchard. We can then take 10 minutes to our self, drink a little wine and take in everything that just happened!
       The price to rent out the ceremony site, tractor rides, private moment, dressing room Oh and the pastor I believe come to $1650. I also forgot to mention, they provided everything we need to get married. Chairs, lighting, music and Etc.. =) So I also think we got one hell of a deal!!

The last thing I want to update you guys on is my DRESS!
Sneak peak of course.                                                                                      
David's Bridal

I know, I'm sorry it is a blurry picture but I don't want to give to much away! ;) I will tell you some.It has beautiful pearl buttons going down the back, it is a fit and flare and it has amazing crystals on the front. That is all I am going to tell you.=) I promise I will show you my full dress, just not today!
     So for anyone wondering I got my dress from David's Bridal. The original price for the dress was $899. It went on sale for $499 and I went bridal gown shopping at the right time because I got a promotion which took another $200 off! So instead of paying $899 I only paid $299 for my wedding dress! Another awesome deal. Gage and I are trying to save as much money as we can so we can have an amazing honeymoon and of course pay our bills haha
        I did have a bit of trouble when I went to pick up my dress. I tried it on, it was the wrong size. I am a size 10 they ordered me a size 14 :/ I went to put it on and the zipper was broke and there was makeup all over the inside of my dress and some stains on the outside. I could have cried. This was suppose to be my wedding dress I ordered there should be nothing wrong with it. Turns out they were all out of stock and got it from a different store. So, they were telling me they would clean it for free and take it in for a low cost. I then asked them if they had a size 10 available in their store AND thankfully they did but it had a few stains on it. They said if I take this dress they will also clean it for free which is nice. They cleaned it and I went back 2 weeks later. Their were sill a few stains, I told the lady and she was nice and got the stains right out! Also David's Bridal is about a half hour from my house so it wasn't fun going back and forth! After the last couple months being stressful I now have my dress at my moms house waiting for me to walk down the isle to my Prince.

I will update you guys more next Wednesday!
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mommy Talk Thursday!

                                                                 Easter Sunday

           It was finally Easter Sunday! This was Myah first Easter. Gage & I were so excited to share this wonderful day with her!
          Myah woke up at her normal time, 7:30 am. She had her normal breakfast(oatmeal) and her 6oz bottle. To her nothing was different, it was just a normal day. After her bottle she played with her toys for a bit. She loves to crawl around and pull herself up onto things. I was getting ahold of my mom at this point trying to figure out all the fun Easter plans. My mom had told me days before that it was just going to be my dad, her, gage and myself this Easter since my other sisters all had plans.
         It was about 8:30 when my mom got ahold of me saying we were going to go out to brunch at 11am. At that point mommy mood kicked in and I was in a panic. How was I suppose to get my 9 month old bathed, changed, diaper bag packed and make sure Gage & I were showered and ready to leave at 10:30am? We somehow managed to get ready and drive to my parents house before 10:30!
When we got there my parents were not ready, so my sister and I took our babies on a little wagon ride around. It was such a beautiful day!
                                                                    Arlo & Myah

My parents were finally ready! We all just rode in the same car together to make it easier. When we arrived at the restaurant(Buffet) it was packed. The line was coming out the door! We all decided that we would just wait because we were hungry. We hadn't ate all morning. While we waited in line, a few people came up to us and told us how adorable Myah  was. I love hearing that! Their was also a lady coming around giving all the kiddos little bunny ears!
            We Finally got to the front of the line! There was so many people in the restaurant you could hardly walk. When we got to our table, my dad offered to sit with Myah so we could go and get our plate of food first. This was a buffet, it should just be grab and go to a different station. NOPE. We waited in more lines to get food. Hey I'm not complaining  because the food was amazing. We all got our food and of course Myah wanted to eat everything off our plates. We gave her mashed potatoes(SHE LOVED). I believe she ate half of mine. On top of her mash potatoes, she also ate her jar of baby food and 6oz bottle! She was hungry!! We finally left & we were all full! We could have took a nap!
           Later that afternoon my sisters got ahold of my mom and said "We are coming over". All three of my sisters and their  family's came over. What we thought was going to be a quiet afternoon, turned into a big Easter party! By the time everyone got there it was about 73 degrees outside, so we decided to have a BBQ! All of our family was sitting outside, listing to the kids play with their bubbles. It was a perfect day! Good thing I brought my sunscreen!
           My sister and her husband have a puppy( Daisy) that they brought over. I believe a chocolate lab? Myah is usually scared of dogs but today she must have been feeling daring because when Daisy  came and laid her head down by her she went crazy! She was kissing her, petting her, doing what a normal 9 month old would do! She loved her! Surprisingly the Daisy did not mind! Maybe because they are both babies? Haha
                                                                Myah & Daisy

Gage's mom & dad live right next door to my parents.(Crazy, I know!) When my parents started to throw some things onto the grill, Gage and I decided to pack Myah up in the stroller and take a little walk next door to see her other side of the family. Everyone was so excited to see her. Especially her auntie( who is 10 years old). We hung out their for a bit, saw Gage's brother and grandma. They got her some Easter gifts! Which is very kind. I don't expect anything on Easter. It's not about gifts, its about God. They got her a Sofia the first movie and come clothes! Gage & I also got some candy!=) As it was getting later in the day we decided to pack Myah back up in the stroller and head back to my parents house. Well, that was were our car was.
                 When we got back Myah was so tired. She was screaming and crying. My mom gave Myah an Easter basket as well, Which also had some clothes in it!! I love clothes. haha. My mom also gave Gage& I some candy! Yum!
              Once we got home we got Myah right into her jammies gave her a bottle had she fell fast asleep! I noticed that night that I had sunburn on my left arm! I don't know if I should be happy about that since it was a cold and brutal winter or be sad because it was painful! I think I was more happy! =)
            I finished up the night cleaning up the house like usual and checking out Facebook, Pinterest and of course YOUTUBE!

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